Joshua ALABI’s campaign poster becomes a butt of social media jokes over his facial ponce, lipstick, MORE


A flagbearer aspirant of the opposition National Democratic Congress and former Vice Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies Accra, Prof Joshua Alabi has been subjected to serious mockery over his heavy make up in a poster his team are sharing.

The poster which is being shared widely is accompanied by derogatory remarks.

Some of the comments include:

“The ponce alone!”

“Makeup presidential aspirant! Pounce be what!”

“The make ups before this picture was too much please he is a man not a woman please.”

“Aaaaaaaah he’s eyebrow wasn’t done well kraaa…. lipstick too is bad …. in fact whoever did the makeup didn’t try.”

“Who did the make up for him”

“Why the lip stick and eye lashes”

“Trying to hide the hair colour”

“Ah.. Yellow Man nie”

“I always tell you guys alabi is a very handsome man”

“….the only Photoshop that can bring the dead to life Prissy Ekua Adiepena Hemans pls no one has called you here…”

“What am I seeing, eye lashes and lipstick…eeiii asem ooo….Ghana’s first LGBT presidential aspirant?”

“Why all this paint in Prof’s face, is he a woman”


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