Judicial service of Ghana holds outreach programme at Afram Plains-Donkorkrom

Story by Olumanba Akwasi Kesse([email protected])
The Judicial service of Ghana has organised an outreach programme yesterday at Kwahu Donkorkrom on the theme ‘Justice without barriers; Quality judges delivering quality justice’.That is, to educate the citizenry on the functions and services of the Judicial service in Ghana.
The programme saw the presence of dignitaries like, His Lordship Justice Kyei Barfour(Accra High Court Judge), Justice James Benuyena Benson (High court Supervising High Court Judge,Eastern Region), His Worship Augustine Akusa-Am(District Magistrate-Donkorkrom), Nana Osei Twum Brefa III Bukruwa hene), Hon Samuel Kena(DCE Kwahu Afram Plains North), Mr Alex Ofei, NCCE and to mention a few.
His Lordship Justice Kyei Barfour speaking on the topic ‘Education on the civic processes in civil proceedings and the sentencing guidlines of the judicial service’ said, the court is a ‘citadel of justice’ for anyone whose right and freedom has been encroached on.One shouldnt be afraid when he or she is sent a bailiff to come to court.
He said, if you appear in court and you neither have a lawyer or understands the language being used at the law court, ask the judge to deduce the language to the one you understand best.
His Lordship Justice Kyei Barfour, answering a floor question as to whether there is a punishment for judges who err in passing judgement, he said, there are no laws embodying such things but there are sanctions for those who collect bribe.
‘There are no laws covering that.But in cases of a judge collecting bribe, there are sanctions for such conducts.The reason is that,each judge may have different insight for a case put before him or her so you cant punish a judge or a magistrate for that.
Even the supreme court being the highest court of the land with nine(9) top judges, after each case, all the nine judges will come out with different judgement’
He has also advised Ghanaians to desist from the idea of ‘I am guilty but I have something to say’ when you yourself know you are innocent of the case levelled against you, but because of the fear of being taken to remand for further interrogation you plead guilty but tells the court you have something to say.He said, it can land you in prison when you are unable to convince the judge well.
The citizenry of Donkorkrom applauded the Judiciary for bringing this education to their doorstep.

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