JUST IN: Mallam sets man ablaze after refusing him a gay (PHOTOS)


Report reaching Thepressradio.com indicates that a mallam called “BIG Nana Kofi has to pour patrol on the 27year old man at Adwumako Besiase in the Central Region.
According to the reports, Big Nana Kofi arrived in the community about Three weeks ago claiming he is a spiritual man and can do the work of ‘Money Rituals, Resolving of Business problems, Marriage problems ETC.

This encouraged Adwumako residence especially the youth. After a few days ago, Kwaku Ahura who is believed to be 27years of age visited the BIG Nana Kofi for Money rituals. Through the incantation, Nana Kofi gave him a wine to drink instantly. After drinking he felt sleepy, Nana Kofi tried to sleep with the man but unfortunately for him, the man waked and brutalize BIG Nana Kofi.
The next day, Mallam Kofi revenge with pouring petrol on him whiles he is sleeping and set for the fire on him,

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