Kasoa shooting: Police invaded our home to shoot my husband – Wife of deceased {AUDIO}


The account given by wife of the deceased who was “accidentally shot” by the Police following some disturbances at Kasoa in the Central region has indicated the victim was shot dead in his home.

Maame Esi, wife of the deceased has disclosed armed Police men invaded their home in an unprovoked attack and started brutalizing his deceased husband, brother and nephew leading to the shooting of her husband by the police.

“My husband wasn’t part of any scuffle. On Sunday afternoon I was home with him when my brother came to report to him about them being assaulted at a hairdressing graduation ceremony. According to them, they’d demanded to be paid after the gig but the people refused and fought them.

“Later that evening, we were home between 9:00 to 10:00 pm; I was inside the room watching movie while my husband was also outside chatting with his brother and one other friend. I immediately heard a gunshot so I came out and saw armed police officers beating them. They’d surrounded our home and warned that nobody get out of the house. In the course of the scuffle my husband’s brother managed to escape from the scene. Later we heard another gunshot. After the chaotic scene, we were informed of some drops of blood spilled in the house. We managed to trace it where we eventually found my husband shot and we rushed him to the hospital, but gave up the ghost.”

A Press statement issued by the Police said the deceased, Richard Aheheto, was shot accidentally after he and others tried to seize a weapon from an officer after the police had attended to a distress call in the community.

“In the process of arrest, the mob assaulted one Police officer who sustained serious injuries and fell unconscious. While the officer was being assaulted others tried to disarm him causing him to fire a shot which hit the deceased Richard Aheheto who was reportedly holding the muzzle of the rifle at the time,” a police statement said Monday.

Meanwhile, the Police administration has announced investigations have commenced into the shooting which led to the death of one person at Kasoa in the Central region.

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