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Kennedy Agyapong accepts daughter’s apology but…

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has noted that although he has seen the apology of his ‘wayward’ daughter, Anell Agyapong, he will not pay her school fees moving forward.

Anell has recently been in the news for going wayward despite restraints by her dad.

However, on Father’s Day, she wrote an apology note to her father on Facebook, asking for his forgiveness.

Reacting to that, Kennedy Agyapong stated that it is not the first time his daughter has gone wayward, adding that he has forgiven her several times.

According to the MP, Anell called him one day when he was in a plane on his way to China that she has quit school for no reason.

He made it known that she had done three years already, for which he was paying about 84,000 dollars a year.

Although she has apologised, Kennedy Agyapong stated clearly that she should start working and raise that huge amount herslf to pay her fees if she wants to go back to school.

“People should learn from their mistakes. if she has seen what life is about and she has repented its fine but I will not pay her school fees. I will rather use the money for a prostitute who has Aids. Because before she kills me with Aids, I would have gotten satisfaction,” he said.

For the mother of Anell, who also got furious with Kennedy Agyapong for chastising his daughter in public, and expressed her anger on social media with insults, Moira Dorson Williams, she has also come out to apologise for her actions.

Reacting to her apology, the MP said the mother of the child was ungrateful for insulting his wife, Stella Agyapong after taking good care Anell even when he threw her out of his house.

He also expressed shock at the woman’s behavior, explaining that initially, she was not in support of her daughter quitting the school and doing drugs, but later she came out to say that she introduced Anell to it.

“Anell insulted her mother when she said she was not in support with her quitting the school, so I am surprised that she is insulting me because of her now. She even did that to her mother when she had a surgery and I used to support her but now she has been introduced to drugs by her Nigerian husband and has turned against me,” he said.

“My wife took care of Anell. She took her to her house when I sacked her and she took care of her till she had better grades to continue her education. Her mother did not help her. If she has changed she should go work and see if she can raise 84,000 dollars a year for her school,” he added.


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