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Kennedy Agyapong has finally told Ghanaians how he made his money. In an interview with Citi TV, the firebrand Member of Parliament for Assin Central said he made his money from the US amnesty program and US visa lottery.

He said he made a lot of money from the Ronald Reagan immigration amnesty programme in the 90s.

“In 1999, Reagan (US President Ronald Reagan) had introduced the amnesty programme. So I was fortunate to work with a lawyer called Kwadwo Afram Asiedu… He recruited me and I started working with him.” Mr Agyapong noted that that was the beginning of his wealth.

He said his boss and himself were involved in securing visas/documents for Ghanaians and people in the US through the Reagan amnesty programme. “Reagan’s amnesty time, I made a lot of money. We were charging $2500. We processed about 2,500 applications,” he explained.

The firebrand politician opined that he prefers to be a businessman than a politician because in Ghana and Africa politicians are not respected.

He further revealed that he was the one who introduced the US visa lottery into Ghana in 1995.

Mr. Agyapong said because of his experience with the Reagan amnesty programme in the US, he came to Ghana and started the US visa lottery when President Clinton introduced it.

“I was charging $5000 for each application I was processing for Ghanaians in 1995.” The legislator noted that he made his first million dollars in 1996, September 30. “I checked my account after the US lottery programme was closed in 1996. At age 36 in my account at ADB Bank, Cedi House was $1 million-plus dollars”.

Mr. Agyapong also said it feels painful when people think everyone who has made it deals in drugs

Kennedy Agyapong had earlier disclosed that Azumah Nelson helped him to purchase his first house in Ghana.

Watch the interview below:

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