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Keta: Police rearrest jailbreaker; wife who aided the break at large

Police at Keta in the Volta Region have rearrested a jailbreaker Alpha Junior Kenedu.

According to the Police, Alpha Junior Kenedu has been convicted to 3 years imprisonment and was waiting at the police cells in Keta for his COVID-19 test result.

But Alpha Junior Kenedu who wanted to stay away from his jail term is said to have been helped by his wife to escape.

According to Police investigations, his wife was said to have smuggled a hacksaw into the cells through the window.

Alpha Junior Kenedu is said to have cut the metal frames that covered the window and bolted.

But was rearrested at Wute near Tadzewu by a search team put together by the District Commander.

Meanwhile, his wife who is said to have aided his break from jail according to the Police is currently at large.


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