Kidnapping In Ghana, The NPP Forces Fingered: Using The Boko Haram Method



Sometime ago, a relative and close buddy of the then Foreign Affairs Minister and the Flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party (the party historically known to have opposed the political independence of Ghana), H.E Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, Mr. Kofi Koomson made a mind boggling revelation on what seemed to be a Prophetic declaration on the security of Ghana under the leadership of his beloved. Sleeping without a closed eyes.

Take it as one of the normal political rhetoric in an African political setting, but under a dispensation of a presidential CID, it would be logical to conclude the Ghana’s President is himself a sponsor (both with financial and moral resources) of terrorism (you can call it political terrorism).

Do you remember the influence of the various Vigilante Groups (this was first used by the NPP) on dissenting members of the NPP? The Bolga Bulldogs, Bamba Boys, were just babies with sharp teeth, who did not only bark up North, but were biting internal opponents. One would have concluded the now President, H.E Nana Addo may not have had knowledge of their formation, neither would he be said to be controlling their movement.

Right under his nose, at the HQ of the NPP, was/is the most dreaded group with its modules of operation ISIS-like, overt and covert operations, the INVINCIBLE FORCE.

Per the security arrangement of Ghana, we have 1 *Force*, The *Ghana Armed Forces*. And it won’t therefore be news if one concludes that the Invincible Forces of the NPP is an affiliate of *Boko Haram*. You will agree with me how an elected National Chairman, Paul Afoko was ‘swept’ out of his office, his General Secretary, Kwabena Agyapong was butchered.

Some of the modules of *Boko Haram* is to capture women.

Fast forward today, there is news that one Seidu Mba, a known member of the *Delta Forces*, a subsidiary of the *Invincible Forces* is among the 13 (unofficial), 8 (official) members of the gang engaged in kidnapping. Who did they kidnap? Women. O yes, Canadian Women.. Just like Boko Haram, these ladies were captured in the ‘stronghold’ of the Delta Forces.. Kumasi.

Prior to that, 3 young ladies have not been found. I suggest the security forces should be looking at the NPP forces in Takoradi. They definitely should be people of interest.

The President seem to be lax because he seem to have benefited directly from the *Forces* so its time to pay them back.

How can they be rewarded if there is not enough goodies to be shared?? The boys for chop so they for charge people who get money, after all the Sakawa market seem to be clouded. In my next piece, I will name those behind the kidnappings in Ghana and why they should not be walking freely.

Edem Koku Edem,
Youth Activist,

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