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KT Hammond sues Joy FM over Voltarian comments

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Member of Parliament for Adansi Asokwa Constituency Kobina Tahir Hammond has given notice he will issue legal proceedings against Joy FM shortly for a recording which has brought him public condemnation.

He has already lodged an official complaint with the National Media Commission (NMC).

According to the lawmaker, Joy FM maliciously put the recording in the public domain “with such reckless abandon”.

It was an interview he had last Friday with the parliamentary press corps on the presence of some armed security officers in the Volta Region.

In explaining himself, as put out in a statement he issued on Tuesday, June 30, Mr Hammond said he hazarded a guess that the security officers might be in the Region as a result of the impending voter registration.

He said he did not even know of the situation until the journalists asked him about it.

To him, his detractors have only put a twist to the comments.

But one other by former Ghana Ambassador to India Sam Pee Yalley has got him incensed.

“I consider this statement or response by the said Sam Pee Yalley, couched in such extraordinary language, full of expletives, to be in bad taste,” KT Hammond said in a statement on Wednesday, July 1.

He reiterated that he has not said the Volta Region or residents are not part of Ghana.

“I invite him to listen to the full four minutes recording of the interview I granted and if after that he still feels justified with his vituperative statement, then so be if.

“If on the other hand, he feels he has done me great injustice on the back of a propaganda put out by Joy FM, then he may apologise to me and to all those he has insulted in his statement.”

He concluded: “I am old enough, educated enough, learned enough, mature enough and political enough to know that Volta Region of Ghana is part of Ghana.”


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