Kwadaso MP secures office for NHIS staff to serve residents


The Member of Parliament (MP) for Kwadaso, Hon Samiu K. Nuamah has purchased an office complex at Asuyeboa for the use by National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) staff at the constituency.

The gesture formed part of plans by the MP to ease the burden on residents who had to travel to Bantama and Nkawie to access service rendered by the state institution.

Wanting to make the office operational and functional for his residents on time,  the MP also furnished the complex with computers and other office items.

On a short tour of the place recently, the MP told that he was touched by the plight of residents who had to throng long distances to renew their insurances.

“It was not good for my constituents to trek long distances to renew their insurances and therefore I was determined to get an office near them so they could access same with ease”, Hon Nuamah posited.

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He noted that many in the communities within Kwadaso were yet to register on the scheme.

The closeness of the new NHIS at Asuyeboa near Felimat Storey building, he intimated would, therefore, offer the opportunity for interested persons to register on the health care scheme.

He mentioned that being on the scheme was crucial since card bearing members get access to treatment at the hospitals easily.

Hon Nuamah admonished constituents to take advantage of the NHIS office and get registered on the life-saving scheme.

“They’re a lot of benefits for getting enrolled on the NHIS system apart from getting easy care at the hospital because some diseases and illnesses attract free care under the scheme”, the MP noted.

The MP mentioned plans to lobby for more developmental projects for the Kwadaso community.

He said the vision is to ensure all roads in the community see asphalt.

Each of the communities within the constituency, he mentioned should be able to boast of a proper health facility.

More avenues for jobs for the youth, he noted are being created and urged those who are interested in skills training to enroll at the Community Training Institute he recently outdoors at Dechemuoso.

“My vision is to see my constituents do well in every endeavor they undertake and I am committed to facilitating the processes that would ensure this comes into fruition” Hon Nuamah passionately stressed.


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