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Lady allegedly poisoned by her wedding planner

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A very sad incident is said to have happened as a lady who was set to marry his husband today allegedly got poisoned by her wedding planner who was supposed to make sure things were in plans for the ceremony.

In a post by one lady whose name was identified as @cream_pyee she revealed that her friend was poisoned by her wedding planner and has been hospitalized at the hospital where she is been taking care of by doctors.

When asked how it was discovered that the wedding planner poisoned the bride to be, the Twitter user responded,

”They had lunch together, both of them had a good bond. Her man was just smart enough to detect everything due to the nature of text he was getting from the planner and she came plain when the police got involved.”

She took to Twitter to write saying;

”Today was meant to be my girls big day. She got poisoned by her wedding planner who had her eyes on my girls man.

She’s getting better she has been hospitalized for now due to other health complications triggered by the poison, but I trust my girl she’s a fighter.”

See post below;

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