Latest photos of Benedicta Gafah spark rumours of bleaching; Checkout the photos

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Actress and TV presenter Benedicta Gafah is causing a lot of stir online after she dropped some new photos.

Even though Benedicta Gafah is known to be light-skinned, her latest photos are raising some concerns because gossipmongers on IG are suggesting that she is overdoing the skin toning/bleaching.

In these photos which have her rocking some nice African prints, Benedicta Gafah looked whiter than she is known to be.

Well, a different school of thought also believes that it might be an effect of the editing she decided to do on the photos – mind you, she has been in the news on a lot of occasions because she over-edited her photos just to look curvier.

Anyway, check out the photos Benedicta Gafah captioned: “I know the God I serve works in time. His silence is an answer. His timing is always always perfect . And His plans are just 🙏🏽😇. Super grateful 🙌🏽🙏🏽” and tell us what you also think in the comment section


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