Leadership, the main challenge for development in Ghana – Chairman



National Chairman for Muslim Executives Foundation, Mr. Alhaji Musah Abubakari, has categorically stated that lack of good leadership is and has been the bane of Ghana and West Africa’s development.

According to the Chairman of Muslim Executives Foundation, Africa over the years has lacked leadership with the needed mentality to transform the whole region.

“We have said it before but will say it loud again; Many Ghanaians are not happy with the kind of Leaders who have so far managed affairs of state. We are still what we are today because we lack Leaders who know what to do to move the country forward. We are convinced that we have everything that we need to develop at all levels; but we have not had any competent leadership for that purpose, which makes our plight legendary.”

Alhaji Musah, who is an engineer in the country as part of his globe-trotting seminars drive, made this assertion during an interview on Metro fm’s news reporter, Nana Nyarko.

Alhaji took this opportunity to advice the whole nation that “Ghana’s hope is not in any other country or donor but in the youth.” Using the example of the Biblical creation story, he encouraged the youth not to give up on the future, saying that everyone is born with a potential and leadership ability.

He added to it that all over the world, countries that have made progress have been fortunate to have Leaders who understood the circumstances in which they were called to lead their people and ruled with the desire to uplift their countries. They worked hard in office to improve living conditions for their people and to establish their countries as powerful forces in regional and global politics.

He therefore charged the leading president of the state to make good selection of our ministers not just their help in power and also to charged the nation to shift its thinking paradigm, hinting that we can only change our environment by changing the information we receive: “don’t let anyone’s opinion suffocate who you think you are.”

Alhaji Musah cautioned leaders to seek the interest of the nation or collective whole and not their parochial interest.



Source: Mynewsghnana.com

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