As the world celebrates Ganja day today 20th April, 2018, the Association of Rastafarians has added its voice to the calls to legalize  “wee” by the government.
According to the Association, it has become necessary to draw the attention of the government to the suggestions of the legalization of marijuana or wee in the country.
It is illegal in Ghana to engage in the trading and smoking of marijuana or wee. One will be arrested and prosecuted when caught engaging such act.
There have been several calls on the government to legalize “wee” in the country by some Ghanaians believing that the country will benefit from the product.
In a recorded interview played on 6pm news on Kingdom Fm Thursday 19th April, 2018, the Leader of the Association of Rastafarians, Jah Iddi said the Association will march to Jubilee House today to present their petition to President Nana Akufo Addo.
Observing the benefit of “wee”, the Rastafarian said it is vital for country to legalize the product.
Explaining the economic benefit of the product, Jah Iddi said, the country will gain enough income if marijuana is legalized, well packaged and exported to the world market.
“We are going to walk to Jubilee House tomorrow to present our petition to President Akufo Addo about the legalization of wee.
There are a lot of benefit Ghana will derive from wee if it is being legalized. The plant of wee can be serve as roofing and other benefits” he said. Odiasempa kofi Boadi
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