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Leila Djansi threatens to beat man to pulp, pepper spray him

US-based Ghanaian film producer and director Leila Djansi has challenged a Facebook critic to an open air-fight.
Leila in a post, threatened to beat the man, known on Facebook as Oppong-Brenya Osei Joseph and spray pepper over his face, should he dare face her in the fight.
How did we get there?

In series of posts on Facebook, the producer said: “Poor poor Charlotte Osei. I sure you’re used to it. Behind you 300%. You need a position far and away from the 3rd world. So, where do I stand now? Dumb, Ignorant, Stupid, Silly. Make room. Welcome the market warriors.”
Another post, which triggered heated reactions, read: “Poor poor Charlotte Osei. If my support for her hurts you so much, ummm it’s so easy, don’t come to this wall. Stay on yours. Ghana folks just like to fight! All these paid patriarchy princesses. Rolling pretty my eyes.”
The fight
After a series of back and forth, Leila dared Oppong-Brenya Osei Joseph to face her if he has the balls.

“You really can say these to my face? You are sure? If I ask you to meet me in Ghana this week and say these, you can? Dude, have an ambulance on standby. And make sure you have health insurance. Because I will take you on. I will give you an appointment, in a public place when I land in Ghana and you will repeat every word to my ugly face. I triple dare you. And when you’re done, I will beat you to a pulp, pepper spray your stupid face and then use my taser. So, come prepared. I dare you. Tuesday 8pm golden Tulip hotel parking lot. I dare you,” she challenged.
Oppong-Brenya Osei Joseph swiftly responded: “Really? Why don’t you take a little time to find out more about me. Know where I work and know how to address me. We have a date then, I dare you!”

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