Let’s promote s3x as a tourism booster – Abeika Santana

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Being a conservative country, the prospect of commercial sex in Ghana makes for a rather unappealing discussion. But according to TV and radio presenter Abeiku Santana, that needs to change. The presenter, who is also a CEO of Saya Tours, shared his views in an interview with GhanaWeb.com saying, “Sex tourism is not a promotion of promiscuity.”

According to him, the venture has the potential of boosting tourism in the country and should not be confused with prostitution which he described as an “illicit sexual trade”. Citing countries like Germany, Netherlands, France and Thailand who had legalized and from sex tourism he explained that sex tourism involved having “interracial marriages or relationships”.

“What I am saying is that, let’s have relationships with foreigners and lead it to something successful and sustainable,” said the presenter adding that, “those female tourists who have been coming here have high expectations of dating our guys.” He then suggested a conscious creation of an awareness on how to create a more appealing environment for foreigners to promote good relationships.




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