Listen Up: KarlaGod – Mix-Lyric II (The Album)


Who is KarlaGod? What is Mix-Lyric II ?

She is a Nigerian artiste; Songwriter, rapper, singer, and entrepreneur.

She started music officially in 2014 November, and did her first project- a mixtape in 2016 November 1st: it was titled- MIX-LYRIC.

And recently on the 1st of November this year 2018 (Nobody knows why November wasn’t her birth month?), she released her first studio album, MIX-LYRIC II (The album).

She also released a single on the 1st of November with the Album, G.H.A.N (God Has A Name)

This 13 track Album is loaded with great music: from hip-hop to soft rock to classical music, I tell you man it’s packed. She worked with a team of 2 studios and over 5 producers and instrumentalist and 1 choir, Da’Blazing choir people.

Guys, I just gotta say go listen to Track 9, that’s the loveliest song on the album, and it ain’t even rap……. It’s just beautiful KarlaGod.

Thank you for blessing us with your music.

So people here are the links to listen and buy the Album.
So here are the links to the album  ??????????



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