LIVESTREAMING: Information Ministry presser on coronavirus


The Information Ministry will hold its regular press briefing to update the nation on the latest case count and mitigating measures in governments fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Ghana has recorded 183 new confirmed cases. While this new update raises the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 5,918, the number of recoveries remains unchanged from the previously recorded 1,754.

Meanwhile, the death toll has hit 31 as at May 19, 2020, according to the Ghana Health Service.

On the side, the issue of recoveries in Ghana’s Coronavirus situation has recorded a rather elating effect pertaining to the figures the Ghana Health Service has recently released in the past few days.

However, some citizens have questioned whether the sudden rise in recoveries is reflective on the current peak of active cases being recorded.

For today’s itinerary, government will provide an update on Obuasi and Tema case management status, a further explanation on recoveries will be provided as well as fighting stigmitzation of the virus.

Watch live today’s Minister’s Press Briefing below

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