LIVESTREAMING: Ministry of Information press briefing on fate of stranded Ghanaians


Government on Friday, May 21, 2020 will hold a press conference to update the nation on the admission of some category of Ghanaians into the country.

Already, the government, through the Information Ministry has briefed Ghanaians on measures it is putting in place to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

As Ghana’s case count continues to witness a surge, there have been growing concerns and debate over whether the easing of the partial lockdown and the restrictions of movement by the President was a good call or wrong one.

However, some pertinent key issues to be addressed at today’s press conference will provide an update on the fate of stranded Ghanaians abroad.

Currently, Ghana’s Coronavirus positive cases have spiraled to 6486 with 1951 recoveries and a death toll of 31.

Watch the livestreaming below.

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Latest News In Ghana. Click Here To Read Our Latest News Stories

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