Mad Man Beaten, Burnt To Death For Killing A Pregnant Woman And Her Daughter

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Reports buzzing from Lagos, Nigeria has it that a mad man has been beaten and burnt to death for stabbing a pregnant woman to death.

The mad is said to have been running madly on the street for about 2 years now and his murder of the pregnant woman and her 5-year-old daughter came as a shock to many in the city.

Reports say that at about 1:35 pm on Wednesday, the mad man who was known by all as Jeje run after the pregnant mother and her daughter until they both fell into a gutter.

He pounced on them and stabbed both of them to death in the process.

People around rushed to the rescue of the woman and her daughter but it was a little too late as they had died before they could reach the hospital.

The angry mob now pounced on the mad man, beating him up and setting him ablaze.

Narrating the incident, eyewitnesses said that they were angered by the behaviour of the mad man because it was not the first time he was stabbing someone.

The Lagos police have arrested some of the culprits and have condemned the use of mob and instant justice in criminal cases.




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