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‘Mafia’ Mahama deliberately bundled Kwesi Ahwoi to South Africa because he was a threat – VIM Lady Afia Pokuaa

Broadcast Journalist with Despite Media Afia Pokuaa know popularly as Vim Lady has indicated that former President John Draamani Mahama saw Kwasi Ahwoi as a threat and therefore bundled him to South Africa.

To her, Kwasi Ahwoi as Agriculture Minister was doing very well for the country and there was no need taking him to South Africa as High Commissioner if not for agenda purposes.

There is the ahwois who feel that President Mahama since taking over has sidelined them. Why do you think Ato Ahwoi went to write a book? The Fante Caucus has been sidelined. When President Mills was there, the Fante caucus was very strong but since President Mills left, where is the Fante caucus?

Even in the Central Region, what major development happened there under President Mahama? So the Fante caucus is peeved especially when they know they have someone like Kwasi Ahwoi who can be a future Vice President or President. When President Mahama came, he was taken from the Agric Ministry to South Africa. That was an agenda because everyone knew that the man was intelligent and in his time agric was growing. When he was removed, agric started to collapse. So the Fante caucus in the NDC is not happy, they are not happy”.

Vim lady indicated that she predicted the power struggle which is currently happening in the NDC considering the fact that the various blocs in the party especially the fante and Volta blocs have not been treated fairly.

“I said in the NDC there are cracks and that when they come to opposition, the cracks will be exposed. The cracks will make all the blocs rare their heads. For example the ewe caucus, they will rise. The most loyal people to the NDC is the Volta Region what have they had for their loyalty? The Volta Region is more loyal to the NDC than the Ashanti region is to the NPP.


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