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Mafia tactics was used to take me out of DCE race because I was a threat – Agana Bawa Rashid

A leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Upper East region Agana Bawa Rashid believes that his omission from the final list for National vetting was borne out of mafia.

According to him, the leadership of the party had their favourites and therefore did everything to ensure that he was taken out because he is seen as a threat.

He believes that if his name made it to the National level, the President would have settled on him because he knows his work and how he can help in pushing the transformation agenda in the NPP’s second term in office.

To him, although the final four names are qualified persons, his wealth of experience makes him more qualified than them.

“Many people across board both local and external; in Accra were shocked. In politics, anything can happen. There is an element of mafia in politics. There is also the element of the dirty part of politics. Sometimes, things like this happens to communicate to people the other side of politics.

I was highly disappointed. We all attended the vetting and when a student writes exams, he knows what he has written and I may not want to go into details of what happened and what did not happen. As I said, it is not fair to start washing our dirty linen in public. The 4 gentlemen who have been shortlisted and their names submitted to Accra are all competent and can do what probably I could have done but of course I thought that I could have done it better looking at some of the things have done previously and how I know the municipality,” he stated.

Mr. Bawa Rashid added “In politics, there will always be a candidate who is a threat to other candidates. So sometimes, all what we do is to identify the candidate that is a threat to us if we can eliminate him to pave a way for somebody. This is something that is done in politics. I don’t want to say this is what happened in my disqualification”.

The Tanga Radio owner said although he’s disappointed, he will not wash his dirty linen in public but promised to provide his support for whoever is appointed.

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