Mahama and his NDC are aimless political comedians.

It is a fact that the NDC has the numbers to do demonstrations. Let’s not forget that they have about 44% when elections are held. Notwithstanding this, when one compares the last demonstration they organized on the American military base in Ghana, they had higher numbers than this. This is a clear manifestation that Ghanaians are beginning to see through their propaganda and their substandardness when it comes to policy making and governance. This demo was a clear failure.

It is not surprising that a little over  20,000 people upon all the busing, will turn out for this useless comedy. What baffles me is why they decided to demonstrate.

I cannot understand the opposition oo. Were they demonstrating against Free Education, nurses employment, teacher employment, NABCo, planting for food and jobs, nurses and teacher trainee allowances etc?  The youth in Ghana have never suffered gravely than what the incompetent one meted out to them in his 8 years rule.

I believe in freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate but I cannot take it when the NDC do their usual palpable lieing and propaganda.

It is a fact that the economy and other sectors of the economy including the agricultural sector have seen massive improvement. The infrastructural development is also not left out because the NPP government has secured several facilities to improve it. I thought the NDC in opposition said they embarked on unprecedented infrastructure so I ask, did they roll over all the roads they constructed when leaving office or where are they?

It is also a fact that the incompetent Mahama bequeathed Nana Addo with a country that was on its kneels and was in abyss. We are talking about a country they took to IMF because they lacked credibility. They did not pay contractors they borrowed money to pay, the famous Woyome payment, the Guinea foul scandal, bus branding and all the other corrupt cases. The government has done a lot to bring us back on track and this had to be done by taking hard core decisions. This will definitely bring certain discomforts to certain people.

We have never said that all is rosy and everything is smooth. We have always said that the country is now rising from the ashes and the dungeon we were plunged into by the NDC for 8 years. We can’t use a magic wand to this in just 3 years but it will be a gradual process. I will then crave the indulgence of all Ghanaians who wish the good of this country.

The only difference between the untold hardships brought upon us by the NDC and atomic bomb is, in our case there was no genocide.

What moral uprightness do the NDC have to go on the streets to demonstrate on hardships? For Mr Asiedu Nketia and the rest of the leadership of NDC, the mole Bernard Mornah, and the super duper Elder kidnapper, the  least said about them the better.

Mahama is a fraud, con man, thief and  corrupt. They, after walking aimlessly along the streets of Accra go and board their V8s and drive comfortably to their homes while the rest use their own monies to take trotros and others walk home in hunger.

The NDC should give us an alternative manifesto and solutions to our problems as they say it. Lets not forget what they have put us through.

Better days are ahead, Nana Addo is in for the cure just that the pill is a little bitter.

Sah Collins
NPP communicator Ejura/Seko
Member critical Thinkers int.,
Middle belt


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