I have perfectly agreed with the former President of the republic cautioning the Npp to disband their armed criminals and hooligans or we in the NDC match them boot for boot.
It is very sad how the Npp is ruling Ghana as if,  Ghanaians sold the country to them,for the past two years and currently, killing and assaulting of innocent citizens is what is highly prioritized by the Nana Addo led  Npp government.
It was very painful and provoking seeing criminals and hooligans empowered by Nana B and Sammy Awuku attacking NDC members, a  member of parliament and the police officers in the Ayawaso West Woguon by- election day, for a slay widow to inherit her late  husband’s seat in Parliament.
If Npp criminals and monsters can attack an MP and Police officers and go Scott free, the NDC Will obviously feel  unsecured, the NDC will obviously not trust the Ghana Police under the disable leadership of Asante Apeatu  and other security agencies, hence we shall have no option than to arm and equipped our men to deal with the Npp hoodlums whose actions are subjecting the 1992 constitution.
The NDC shall deal with the Npp hoodlums, disarmed them as their leaders failed to do, so that the 1992 constitution can be protected to ensure peace for the ordinary Ghanaian.
The NDC shall protect her members, since all the legal security agencies who are suppose to protect civilians in the country have been undermined and sidelined by the government of today for illegal forces and criminals to take over.
*It is very important for the entire public to know and believe that, when attacks and assaults become acceptable beyond control, self-defence becomes a responsibility, hence the point of the NDC to match the Npp boot for boot*
The NDC shall put in place internal security measures to protect members and leaders of the party against any form of internal and external aggression.
I will like to recommend the measures below for the leadership of the NDC to deal with the Npp hoodlums and criminals as they have embark on an  endless program to attack NDC communicators, undermine state security agencies and distract national democratic processes.
Going to 2020, the way forward is as follows:
*One communicator one well armed and equipped Hawk across the country*
*One ballot box, two well armed and equipped Hawks all over the country*
*A quick flash back on our revolutionary skills, strategies and tactics*
*Recruitment  and arming of more Hawks and other internal security forces*
The above measures may not be the best, but I think when applied, the boot for boot shall be realised.
*Let me end here by saying Hi to Prof Emmanuel Asante, his hypocrisy and  machinations have exposed him to the Apex, I’m sorry to tell him his integrity has been washed away to an unknown location, following his hypocritical comment calling His Excellency John Dramani  Mahama to apologized for his “boot for boot” comment without seeing anything wrong with all “die be die” and even the present Ghana, he saw nothing wrong with the present Ama Ghana*
*I’m also sounding a caution to the President that, if he is in his 70s and have achieved all his aims in life, he should know that, it was some political leaders with his current status that created peaceful atmosphere for him to survive till date, the youth of this country deserve same , hence he must up his game to do something about the ongoing unsecured atmosphere he is leaving as a legacy or he face the wrath of Nananom, Nkongya, Antua, Gekyoga, Gegon, Brukum, chakpana, Jogo, Kabiso, Grumandey, and ancestors  like Dr.Nkrumah, Okomfo Anokye, Yaa Asantewa and many others who risked their life’s for peace to be  prevailed in Ghana until his regime of distorting the peace enjoyed by Ghanaians for the past 60years*
Thank you all.

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