Major reasons behind the Ga and Adangme chieftaincy disputes identified


The Ga and Adangme traditional area, a locality resided in the Greater part of Ghana has over a decade now suffered countless number of bruesome conflicts over it’s chieftaincy matters.

The previous government as report  suggest, owes a specific number of traditional council a huge sum of money from certain lands it took for developmental projects from some traditional chiefs for which it has until date haven’t settled for the accommodated land’s compensation.

As some unscrupulous individuals, politicians and lawyers who are aware of this huge sums of money owed by the previous government to specific stools has then made it their business to get influential people to manipulate enstooled chiefs so as to gain access to the funds to be used for developmental projects.

Which stands to benefit impoverished communities in the Ga and Adangme traditional areas.

This act of concern as a results has caused the citizenry of the locality some much turmoil including vicious attacks on incumbents and claimants chiefs in the Ga and Adangme traditional areas.

Bringing to bear the atrocious deaths and injuries to some engaged individuals of the brusome chieftaincy conflicts.

As stools been affected with such land compensatory conflicts includes the James Town Alata stool, where individuals are in a ‘tag of war’ competition over the Weija Pambros Salt factory, the Dansoman land compensation and the Weija dam compensation.

credit:Eric Annan

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