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Makola market traders to sue White Chapel over illegal demolition

Eighteen Makola market traders are planning to sue White Chapel Limited, the new owners of their shops, for an illegal demolition exercise.

Although the new owners gained custody of the property on October 30, this year, the traders were hopeful that they would be given a notice before the demolishing.

Speaking to Joy News’ Nancy Emefa Dzradosi, an aggrieved trader said, “after the judgment, he has to take a writ of rescission before he takes a demolishing letter. But for these people, they did not do that.”

“On Saturday, they came to remove our doors from its hinges, so we came to fix the roof and repaired the doors. But on Sunday morning he brought an excavator and four tipper trucks to demolish the property,” she narrated.

The traders noted that even though the matter is still in court, they are scared they will lose their businesses.

“I have not finished taking care of my children, so if I should lose my shop then life will be hard. Right now Accra is choked, there is nowhere to relocate to so we pray the right thing is done so that peace will prevail,” another trader stated.

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