Man Allegedly Butchers His Baby Mama Over Food

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Emmanuel Chukwuma Igwe, a 27-year-old businessman, has been charged in Owerri, Imo State, with assaulting his baby mama, Porcia Achonu, with a cutlass. On Saturday, January 2, at around 1 am, Porcia, a mother-of-two was assaulted shortly after returning from a trip to the village with her baby’s father.

The father of Chukwuma is said to have heard the noise and came out to check the tension and douse it.
Reports say Porcia was eventually locked inside the house so she wouldn’t go anywhere and he was denied entry even when her brother came.

Chukwuma reportedly went to his vehicle seconds later and brought out a cutlass with which he assaulted the mother of his children, reportedly in the midst of his father.

It is said that he entered his car and sped off after Porcia had played dead to put an end to her attack.

Images of Porcia show her after the assault with a nasty wound on her arm. Blood is seen coming from the wound and staining her blouse.

Reportedly, Chukwuma is on the run while his dad has been detained.

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