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Man caught pants down ‘shitting’ on Jubilee House’s green grass (+Photo)


In every man’s life, there comes a time where you seem to have no other option than to do the daring act to be free. This goes along with when you find no place of convenience when the stomach upset sets in. Yeah, it has happened to us before.

Sometimes it becomes so unbearable that the only solution that comes to your mind is to ease yourself and gets disgraced.

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While some get a place of convenience to let go of the metabolic waste, others find it difficult to get a place and this was the case of a fully grown man who was captured in a photo with his pants down allegedly easing himself on the beautiful lawns in front of the Jubilee House, the presidential palace in Accra that serves as a residence and office to the President of Ghana.

As it stands now, it is also not very clear yet whether or not security camera’s around the Jubilee House captured the man early enough for the needed action to be taken.

See the photo below as shared by Twitter user, @Amegaxi

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