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JUST IN: Man Kills Himself Over Cheating Girlfriend

Robert Gibson, 35, died around 3 am yesterday and a neighbor at the girlfriend’s house Abel Musabe said he found the deceased naked crying out for help on his doorstep.

The now-deceased Robert is said to have premeditated suicide last week after he struck his grandmother with a fist on the jaw and threatened to beat up his mother who was discouraging him from seeing his girlfriend named Lisa.

The deceased’s mother, Chenai Gibson, told the source that she invited her mother-in-law to help her talk Robert into leaving his girlfriend Lisa after she allegedly infected him with an STI but he became violent.

“Ndi amai muponesi ivava, ndivo vauraya munhu ava nekuti vasvikirwa nechikomba.

“She has been like this and the whole of Dzivarasekwa is aware of her shenanigans

“This girlfriend has just come out from a previous marriage and the former husband is said to have died the same way as this one,” she said. (Pictures by Tatenda Kajekere)



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