Man loses eye in police brutality

The victim, Justice Amentefio, told Adom News that the policemen stopped him on his way from work with an unregistered motorbike given to him as a gift by his boss and accused him of being an armed robber.
Justice who said he works as a chef said the policemen seized his bike after which they took him to the Tesano Police station where he was assaulted for refusing to admit to being an armed robber.
According to Justice, he isn’t too sure if he can see from one of his eyes again .
 “My boss gave me a new and unregistered motorbike as a gift which at the time of the incidence I hadn’t still registered because I took possession of the bike not long. On the day of the incidence, I was stopped by five policemen at Lapaz”, he narrated.

“They then sent a radio signal that they had caught two suspected armed robbers on an unregistered motorbike. I showed them my work ID but one of them slapped me and I mistakenly hit his eye. It was there the beating started and as it stands now, I can only see with one of my eyes…” he added.

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