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Man paid GHC6,000 at work fired for comments about lesbian gang-raped by four men

A young man has lost his well paying job for making humour out of the gruesome ordeal of a lesbian who was kidnapped, drugged, and raped for two days.

Elladeevah Ellios, narrating the harrowing experience, said she was lured into the trap by her own best friend of 3 years, where she was sexually abused by four men, including the best friend.

While many condemned the incident and sympathised with the victim, others made homophobic comments endorsing the criminal act.

Well, one young man who also made a joke about the unfortunate incident on social media has ended up losing his job with a Non-governmental Organisation that paid him GHC6,000 with incentives per month.

His friend took to Facebook to share the young man’s plight revealing he called him on phone to break the news amid uncontrollable tears.

The man used the post to also advise others to keep quiet to save themselves from consequences of passion insensitive comments about rape issues.

Read full post below.

Elladeevah Ellios shared the news of her abuse in the early hours of Wednesday, 9th June 2021. She announced she had been rushed to the Cantonment Police Hospital receiving treatment.

The Nigerian lady said she did not do anything to her friend to deserve such treatment from him and his 3 other friends who are Nigerians.

Ella claimed her only offence was being open about her sexual identity as a lesbian.

She further revealed that after she reported the case to the police which led to the arrest of her friend, the boy has denied all the allegations.

She vowed to pursue the case to its legal completion and asked all the people supporting the boys for raping her to put their legs in her shoes and ask themselves if they will say the same if she is their relative.

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