Man reveals how he started serial masturbation after being jilted by girlfriend

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A young Ghanaian youth whose identity cannot be disclosed has expressed how frustrated he is because of his inability to resist the quest for masturbation.

According to him, he started this act of sexual gratification right after he broke ties with his girlfriend.

The worried young man said;

Till date, I can’t seem to put an end to this behaviour in as much as I really want to.”

“I feel bad whenever I do it. Sometimes I even cry when I finish masturbating. I really want to stop doing it because I know it’s bad a thing to do”.

The young man mentioned this challenge in a phone-in session on Happy 98.9 FM.

He stated that he has tried a couple of times to put an end to this act because he knows it is unhealthy but all efforts proved futile and that compelled him to come out publicly to see how much of help could be extended to him by the general public.

He further mentioned,

“I purposely turn my phone off sometimes just so I don’t have to watch anything pornographic and masturbate. But I always find myself turning on the phone again to go through with the process”.

He was advised by show host to get rid of his smartphone for about a month if he really wants to end this ‘addiction’.

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