In this era of Guinness World Book Record titles people are doing crazy things just to win a title in very awkward ventures regardless of whether the activities are dangerous to their lives or not.

People have won tittles in diverse fields of life that have shocked many people across the world, but you might want to watch this martial art artist who turned his stomach into a chopping table for 49 watermelons to be chopped on.
Lying flat on the back, Vispy Jimmy Kharadi from India made a fellow martial artist, Vispi Baji Kasad chop the 49 watermelons on his bare stomach in one minute, using a sharp 30-inch katana.

The duo have broken an existing record of 48 watermelons cut in one minute.
According to, as soon as they finished the challenge, the two martial artists were presented with a world record plaque and the watermelon slices were shared with guests and workers at the event.

Wondering how Vispy Jimmy Kharadi did the chopping without hurting Vispi Baji Kasad? Well, he said, “The danger is always there in all such stunts, especially when there’s a Japanese katana in the picture which can cut skin very easily, but because of the practice and confidence of Vispi Kasad, the pain can be offset.”

He added that, “The most challenging part is the final precision of the cut. After I cut the watermelon, I have to be very careful that the blade does not even touch the skin of the open stomach.”

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