Man with several wives gives birth to 4 kids in 3 weeks; says he wants 36 more

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A happy polygamous man, Nura Walwala Magaji, said that children are blessings from God and he will take care of his children.
Man with several wives gives birth to 4 kids in 3 weeks; says he wants 36 more 2

Nura who got four babies from his wives in three weeks said his dream is to one day have 40 children in his household. The father said that he practices polygamy with pride and does not care about people’s opinions concerning his home.

A carpenter in Bauchi state, Nura Walwala Magaji, who has 13 children could be said to be an example of “Father of many”. Leadership reports that he welcomed a set of four kids from different women within the space of three weeks.

Despite that, Nura said he still wants to fulfil his childhood dream of parenting 40 children. In his interview with the same media, the man said he is grateful to God for the gifts of children, adding that not many who want to become parents have the opportunity.

The happy father said he is confident about taking care of his family’s needs. The father of 13 also said he is able to take care of his harem of wives with the proceeds he makes from his carpentry business. He said: “Babies are a gift from Allah and I am happy that my four wives gave birth to three bouncing boys and a girl within just three weeks.” The man, however, acknowledged how demanding parenting could be despite the fact that they are God’s gifts.

On the naming ceremony for the children, he said that it was not a flamboyant one but an occasion where family members ate and drank to their fill. The man who said polygamy runs deeps in his blood added that he is not bothered about what anybody may be saying about him.

He said: “Look, Allah commanded us to start by marrying two wives, then proceed to three wives, then four wives and He said if you cannot be just among them, go for one wife.” The man said he would make his children have both western and Islamic education.

His wives Nuwaira Muhammad Saminu (25), Baraka Murtala Ladan (23), and Sadiya Abdullahi (20) all live together ‘peacefully’.

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