Man’s Atopa Video With Church Member Rocks The Internet


We are sure Counselor Luterodtt spent his 31st December night praying for lots of atopa videos as he even stated that 2018 was boring for him because there were only a few sex tape leaks.

Yesterday, two atopa videos dropped, one involved a security man and his teenage girlfriend and then another one which involved a Mpraeso student and her lover.

It still baffles us as to why these people make videos when having sexual intercourse. I mean it’s not like we all don’t have sex but to record it in a way to show it to friends to earn some validation?

Well, this new one we’ve been told involves a pastor and a church member. At the time of this post, we didn’t have his name. We also don’t know if he’s married or the lady is married or is his fiance but all of that does not change the fact that it’s an Atopa video right?

In this new video, the woman is seen giving the pastor the cow girl position as she enjoys the ride.

CLICK here to watch the Video


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