Market woman caught after mixing human blood with palm


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A woman was caught selling palm oil to customers this morning at Enugu, Nigeria.

According to an eyewitness, Mrs. Mbadiwe, who has been following Angelina Okonkwo confessed her suspicion. She narrated that she has been monitoring the woman since she came around to sell with them. She said come in the morning and by 2 pm she is done selling her things.

This made her suspicious because of none of the experience that thing around that place.

Upon careful tracking, we were able to catch her this morning mixing the items before setting up her things. She received some beatings from the youth.

While the young boys of the yard were beating her. She confessed that it was the blood of little babies given to her by the grandmaster of the occult group she belongs to. “For my business to be moving forward please forgive me, my good people, it’s the handwork of the devil”.

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