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Married Woman Caught Sending Pictures ‘Without Clothes’ To Other Men, Husband Files For A Divorce

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Despite living under the same roof as her husband, a married woman was found sending nude pictures of herself to other men.

At first, the two could take each other’s phones and browse through them without raising any suspicions; this lasted for a while before the lady began shutting off her phone anytime she went to take a bath.

The husband was very wary of what was going on, and after several demands, he was unable to access his wife’s cell. So there was this friend who was a tech specialist, and he advised the man to use a qr code to locate his wife’s Whatsapp browser. Through the code, the two were able to see how the lady sends pictures to a variety of men while wearing no clothing.

Oyoo was stunned, but he was still heartbroken because he had never imagined his wife could do such a thing. When Oyoo came home and confronted his wife about what she did on her phone, the lady began to weep and said she couldn’t do such a thing. This is when Oyoo took away the facts and the wife began begging for forgiveness.

Given his remorse about what had happened, Oyoo promised to never fall in love with someone else again.

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