Martha Ankomah Exposes Ghanaian Celebrities Who Are Living Fake Lifestyle On Social Media (Video)

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Ghanaian actress Martha Ankomah has disclosed that a lot of Ghanaian celebrities are faking their lifestyle on social media.

Speaking to Fifield Pratt on Kingdom FM, Martha Ankomah shared that most of our Ghanaians celebrities are not living their actual life on social media. She indicated that some Ghanaian celebrities are portraying fake lifestyle on social media.

According to her, portraying of such fake lifestyle on social media gives most young ones pressure and make them wonder what kind of hard work these celebrities are doing to live such lavish lifestyle.

She added that most of the items we celebrities wear are given to them for free and some for adverts but most celebrities fail to tell their audience that.

She ended by saying that, celebrities should make their audience aware that they don’t have only main source of income they rely on.

Watch video below;

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