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Medical Doctor breaks down after getting a broken heart from his girlfriend

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Love they say sometimes makes people do silly things and that can be said to be the case of a young medical doctor who couldn’t control himself after he got dumped by his girlfriend.

The young man who was seen crying like a baby during his office hours at the hospital was videoed by his fellow worker at the hospital who was surprised by the behavior of the young man.

In the video that can pass as the best ‘comedy’ skit for the year 2020, a medical doctor is seen crying his heart out after his longtime girlfriend dumped him for no reason.

From the footage, he was supposed to attend to patients waiting at the OPD but ignored to cry.

Well, we can’t say for sure what the young man did but what can be said is that the young lady might have gotten a new man and would want to be with him rather than the doctor.





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