Meet Africa’s first con man, John Ackah Blay-Miezah; NAM1’s ‘grandfather’


John Ackah Blay-Miezah is one of Ghana’s most popular exports of all time and a man who proved to the world that the Blackman wasn’t a human monkey but a human with brains and indeed, enough of it to outwit the supposedly superior white counterpart.

Blay-Miezah would forever remain in the history books of the US, Philadelphia especially in their list of villains and go down as one of the most cunning men to grace the face of this earth.

This is the story Blay-Miezah got the world to buy, according to him, he was the sole beneficiary of gold reserve amounting to billions of dollars Nkrumah stored in banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in an account named: Oman Ghana Trust Fund.

His evidence to this fund was an account number and a manufactured document purportedly from Union Bank of Switzerland. To access this money, estimated to be over 40 billion, Blay-Miezah needed a specially serialized diplomatic passport which would come at a huge cost and money to pay off some chiefs in Ghana who held various interests in the money, Gold in this case.

To do this, he needed money, Blay-Miezah sold to people, starting from Philadelphia a 1000 to 5000% interest on investment for anyone who supported the initiative. Yes, people bought a scheme with a profit margin of 50 to 1. For those at loggerheads with ratio, bring 1000 Ghana Cedis and receive 50,000 Cedis.

Over three hundred people in Philadelphia alone bought into the idea and contributed over 18 million dollars in cash, across America, Blay Miezah, with the help of his right-hand man, Ellis succeeded in defrauding people in hundreds of millions of dollars. Truth is, Ellis, the accomplice of believed the scam too. Blay-Miezah won over highly educated Americans including judges

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