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Meet Chris Sogli, 22-year-old tallest man in Volta Region struggling with footwear- Photos

A 22-year-old man is appealing for support in the area for protective footwear and some working gear as he plies his trade in welding and metal fabrication.

Charles Sogli
Charles Sogli


Charles Sogli who is nearly eight feet tall in height and hails from Ziope in the Volta Region has drawn some attention on various news platforms and social media.

Sogli who is said to be the tallest man in the Volta Region narrating his ordeal with the Ghana News Agency explained he had to drop out of school to learn a trade as he could not get the right footwear for his size.

After enrolling as an apprentice in welding and metal fabricating at Ho, Volta Region, Charles is also making an appeal for support to aid his mobility and working gear.

While he is the third of five siblings with the only unique stature and size, Sogli told the GNA he is determined to make something good out of his life hence the appeal for support.

He recounted he has had to experience difficult moments when trying to use commercial vehicles due to his height and has been marginalised by some persons within his community.

A master at the welding and metal fabrication shop where Sogli works, Michael DeSouza when asked about Charles described him as “helpful and hard-working.”

“He is a good, quiet and peaceful person. All he needs is appropriate footwear and working gear for his size and maybe a special means of transport – a special car,” De Souza told GNA.

While Sogli’s height is nearly eight feet, his foot size measures 16 inches.
Already a shoemaker had tried to make him a footwear for use but Sogli says “it is not protective” for the kind of work he does to keep him safe.

For persons who are into metal fabrication which entails cutting bending and another assembling process, Chris Sogli is therefore appealing for support to assist him to have a protective gear for his work.



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