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Meet Martin Amidu’s elder brother who’s now a Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus Assibi Apatewon Amidu is an elder brother of anti-corruption campaigner and Former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu.

Even though he is a much accomplished academic, with a career spanning more than four decades, he is relatively unknown in Ghana beyond academia.

Prof Amidu had his primary, secondary and undergraduate education in Ghana. He got a degree in French and Swahili at the University of Ghana in 1973.

Brilliant and determined, he was admitted into the prestigious SOAS University of London for a Masters in An African Language ( Swahili). He aced it and proceeded with his PhD in the same area, obtaining a PhD in 1980.

Professor Amidu has worked as a full Lecturer since 1980. He’s been teaching and researching into Linguistics, particularly the Linguistics of Swahili at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s Department of Language and Literature.

Professor Emeritus Assibi Apatewon Amidu is much respected by the Kiswahili Community for his cutting edge research into the language. He has been praised for his generosity and openness as an academic.


Source: 2021

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