Meet The World Most Bearded Woman

Bearded woman, Harnaan Kaur is the youngest female alive to have a full beard on the planet Earth, today, her story is crucial for body positivity and fondness of one’s self


It is essential to tell a story of such unique individuals, who, despite societal pressures, have been able to ascend the ladder of life and have appreciated themselves enough, exemplary to exceptional in today’s cultures

Who Is Bearded Harnaan Kaur?

Bearded Woman Harnaan Kaur
Bearded Woman Harnaan Kaur

31- year- old Bearded Harnaan Kaur is an English social media sensation who stays in India, she was born on November 29th, 1990 in England, Slough


In 2014, Bearded Harnaan Kaur worked as a primary teacher in Khalsa, India before her appearance on social media which made her a star and became a public figure, Freelance model, and motivational speaker.

Relationship Life

As of now, no track record about her past relationship is known, bearded Harnaan Kaur is still single, per source. Are you interested in marrying her?

Religious life Of Harnaan

Harnaan Kaur converted to Sikhism at age 16, her conversion necessitated her ability to leave fully grown beards, she wears a Turban or covers her hair as the custom of Khalsa demanded

Bearded Harnaan Kaur has named her beard, she called it Sundri which means beautiful, Interesting?

Why Beards?

Bearded Woman Harnaan Kaur
Bearded Woman Harnaan Kaur

When Harnaan was 12, she was diagnosed with a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome simply put PCOS a situation where males hormones androgens are increased in females when this happens, the female develops indications known as Hirsutism, thus, ability to grow excessive facial hair and body, this is a natural phenomenon

Well, this explains why some men do not have enough hair because they have lower PCOS, are you one? Never worry, read on.

Growing up and experiencing such, Bearded Harnaan contemplates and removing due to some stigmatization and the perception she experienced in her environment and constant bullying, she even wore her brother’s clothes to hide her looks, subsequently, she grew to cope with it

Amazing? Let me tell you a tale you may not know, in some parts of Africa, a woman with bears is considered a witch, did you know that?

In 2017, September, Bearded Harnaan Kaur won the Guinness record for the youngest woman with fully grown beards

Did you know Beared Harnaan Kaur is not the first woman to grow beards fully? Read

The first woman to have full beards is Annie Jones, she was born July 14th, 1865 in Marion, Virginia, US, and passed on at 37 in October 1902 in Brooklyn, New York, US

Therefore, the Bearded Harnaan Kaur Situation is not new to the world.

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