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Men can also get breast cancer – Nurses

The general public has been advised to constantly check for changes in their bodies and develop healthy habits to help curb breast cancer.

A team from the Mamprobi Hospital, Anastasia Owusu, a Midwife; Jennifer Hanson, Public Health Officer and Audrey Opare, a Public Health Nurse advised the general public about early detection, treatment, and ways to prevent breast cancer.

The trio said it would be prudent for women especially to regularly examine their breasts to help detect and seek early treatment for breast cancer.

They, however, noted that breast cancer was not only limited to women because men are also prone to breast cancer.

Jennifer Hanson explained that the signs and symptoms of breast cancer were the same in both men and women.

She told Kwabena Agyapong on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that breast cancer is not only limited to women. Men are prone, women are prone, but women are the most affected. The symptoms and signs are the same among both men and women.

She advised against self-medication, adding, “love your bodies, stay healthy. love your breasts and examine them regularly”.

On her part, Audrey Opare stated that breast cancer treatment could be effective when the disease is identified early.

According to her, the process involves surgical removal, radiation therapy, and medication (hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, or targeted biological treatment) used in treating microscopic cancer to prevent it from spreading from the breast tumour through the blood.

Anastasia Owusu stressed the need for the public to take advantage of the free breast screening exercise in public health facilities and check their breasts.

To women, she asked them to examine their breasts after every menstrual period.

For those who are 40 years and above, she encouraged them to be doing mammograms regularly.

For those who are also 30 years and below, she advised them to constantly examine their breasts.


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