Men Who Were Not On My Level Felt Intimidated When We Dated–Caroline Explains The Difficulty In Finding A Partner(Video)


People have always wondered why some of our beautiful female celebrities are not dating or married especially when most of them have crossed the 30 and although there’s nothing actually wrong with it, our cultural setting is such that, women are usually expected to get married early.

Caroline Sampson has in an interview with Zionfelix revealed why she’s still single at age 34.

In a candid interview with the blogger, the YFM presenter and TV host disclosed that she has been single for a while now because most of the men she dated in the past, were not up to her level.

Explaining further by what she meant, she said although she had dated some men in the past, the relationships could last because most of them felt intimidated by her success and that always ended up bringing issues.

According to her, most of the men had ego issues, so when they see her doing a whole lot and making the money, they feel somewhat embarrassed that she’s earning or making more than them and even though that shouldn’t be a problem, it usually becomes the reason why the relationships end.

Caroline Sampson continued to talk about what she wants in an ideal man. She added that she’s just looking for a hardworking man, who’s stable financially, generous, caring and also either on her level or above her level.


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