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Minority mad over delay in appointing CEOs for state institutions

The Minority members in Parliament have expressed concerns about the delay in the appointment of heads of various state institutions. They have thus asked the President to come out and let Ghanaians know whether or not he has the men to fill those positions.

According to the minority group, the reason for raising the concern is that most individuals have monies locked up in these institutions and is waiting to access their monies up on the appointment of these heads, hence a further delay would not auger well for them.

“Many institutions do not have Chief Executive Officers, Board of Directors…. One cannot understand why it’s taking this long to get the boards constituted.How long does it take for a President to appoint a chief executive. If you don’t have the men, let us know.”

Using the Road Fund Board as an example, Mr Haruna Iddrisu, Minority Leader, who spoke on behalf of the Minority explained that road contractors who depend on monies from the fund are a bit tight since the board has not been constituted.

He said he understands why it wasn’t constituted within the first three months since the country was transitioning but there is no excuse beyond three months.

“Take for instance the road fund. Our road contractors live on it. But since the Road Fund Board has not been constituted, how do you expect contractors to survive. January to March, we can understand why it’s not constituted because we are transitioning but we are in May now.”

The Minority Leader indicated that the delay is affecting a lot of private sector entities who have business dealings with the government. He, therefore, asked the government to expedite actions to resolve the issue.

“Another effect of this is that it’s affecting the private sector. We have a duty to protect the private sector. The President must wake up and act urgently to secure and protect the interest of our road contractors.”

Responding to the issue, the Majority Leader, Mr OseiKyei-Mensah-Bonsu agreed that indeed the issue raised by his colleague Minority Leader is a matter of public importance and needs further dialogue.

He said there should be some engagements to ascertain why it’s taking long to appointment heads of institutions.

But responding to whether or not the Akufo-Addo administration has the men to occupy the position, Mr Kyei-Mensah answered in the affirmative that they have the men and the women.

“The NDC says they have the men, but we have the men and the women.But Mr Speaker, I think we can dialogue on it to see what it is that is delaying the process”.

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