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MMDCE list: Taking Kankam to Asokore Mampong proof Akufo-Addo is smart – Kofi Jumah

Managing Director for GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited Maxwell Kofi Jumah has indicated that the President made a right call for the people of Asokore Mampong by choosing Kennedy Kankam as the Municipal Chief Executive.

According to him, the wealth of experience and a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the place puts him at par with other contenders and therefore it is very worrying for people to see problems in his nomination.

He believes that with the experience as a party officer, no one is better placed to understand the development needs of the Municipality than Kennedy Kankam.

Kofi Jumah noted that there were divisions in the party in the Municipality and there Kennedy Kankam was brought in as a unifier to mend the cracks in the party.

“The best move President Akufo-Addo made was appointing Kennedy Kankam as the MCE for Asokore Mampong. First of all, Asokore Mamapong was part of KMA so there is no one who is in Kumasi and does not understand the dynamics in Asokore Mampong. He has intimate knowledge of Asokore Mampong. Apart from that let’s not forget that he was a regional officer.

Kennedy Kankam actually made the selection of a Kumasi Mayor very difficult because of his wealth of experience which I must confess Sam Pyne my brother doesn’t even have. So for the President to strategically place him at Asokore Mampong is an indication of the President’s strategic and deep understanding of politics. He will work peacefully with residents and will allow order to prevail because the others were divided.”

Kofi Jumah noted that Asokore Mamapong has one of the best Chiefs in Ghana who will help him succeed at the new post he has been given.

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