Moesha earns praises on social media for her no makeup photos


Most of the fans say Moesha still looked beautiful even without makeup. She shared the photos on her Instagram page with a caption: “sometimes being alone is an upgrade…”


Her fans and followers seem to be impressed by Moesha’s natural beauty and have praised her accordingly. For instance, Nana, an Instagram user, called Moesha “natural beauty” while encouraging her to keep it up: nana_tk_13:

“Natural beauty dear sister keep it up❤️❤️.” To Egyiriba, Moesha looked even more beautiful without makeup: n.egyirba: “yuh look more beautiful without makeup.”


Shadrack said he had never seen Moesha’s kind of beauty before: shadrackdon9: “Beautiful i never see ur type.” Cutie said she was in love with Moesha’s no makeup face: cutienharnharahmar: “I love your face without makeup, you are actually role model….. Love you chaw.” Ahmed described Moesha’s photo as “beauty without makeup” ahmedcoal360: “Beauty without makeup.”


There are more of such comments to say how deeply impressed the fans were to see such photos of their role model Moesha. Perhaps, they appreciated the fact that Moesha has been able to show her ‘real’ face; something that seems hard for other celebrities to do. Moesha Boduong has often been in the news for various reasons.

She recently revealed how hurt she was after it happened that the lady behind the controversial Thosecalledcelebs page on Instagram was her childhood friend. Rachael, as the lady is called, had hidden behind that account while shielding her identity, to attack mostly celebrities including Moesha. Moesha shared Racheal’s childhood photo and said she was shocked at her attitude because they were like sisters. She has also been in the news for flaunting her beautiful body.



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