A 37-year-old mortuary technician from Russia has been sacked after a DNA test conducted on the corpse of the country’s popular reality star, Oksana Aplekaeva revealed that he had had sex with the corpse.

Before her death in 2008, Oksana Aplekaeva was the host of Russia’s top reality show, Dom-2. Her dead body was reportedly “found by a lorry driver on the side of a motorway,” according to Africanspotlight.com.

Though the murderer has since not been found, police reportedly had a reason to exhume the dead body for a more elaborate forensic test following a new information.
Reports say it was the forensic examination that revealed that Oksana Aplekaeva’s corpse had been sexually assaulted. A further DNA test then led to the discovery that Alexander, the mortuary attendant was the one who had sex with the dead celebrity.
The discovery has made authorities to compel him to resign.

Alexander who had worked at the mortuary for 12 years reportedly said his wife has left him as a result of the scandal, and he has not been able to find any other job since his dismissal.

When questioned apparently by newsmen, Alexander admitted to the offence saying, “I could not argue against science. I have not been able to find a job for three months.”

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Despite Alexander’s offence, police have made it clear that he had nothing to do with the murder of Oksana Aplekaeva.
Further reports suggest that Alexander may not be in breach of any Russian law because there is no such law in the country that specifically frowns on the act.