MP implementing unprecedented projects in Ejisu Constituency

Many have argued that, Members of Parliament are only mandated to represent and take part in the law making process whereas, others are of the view that Members of Parliament are duty bound to bring development in their respective constituencies. To them that view MPs as development agent,  the basis of their contention is owed to the fact of numerous gratuitous promises of development made by aspiring MPs to their respective constituents in a desperate desire to get their mandate. Alternatively, legislatures are seen by the other groups as mere representatives of constituencies in parliament.
To a considerable extent, it is no gainsay that the very ingredient that determines the voting pattern in this country’s constituency elections is fundamentally, ‘Promises for Development.’
Politics thus defined is a human centred activity or a social venture as others would speak of it. Be that as it may, as a rule of thumb, courtesy demands that promises made must be fulfilled. Promises made, naturally enough would engender legitimate expectations.
The member of Parliament for Ejisu Constituency, Honorable Kwabena Owusu Aduomi who doubles as the Deputy Minister for Roads and Highways, serving his constituents on an uninterrupted third term in office, is presumed to be of the conviction that, in as much as the governed would repose its confidence by electing a legislator to lead them, then the legislator assumes a duty to serve the people by bringing development in various aspects of the People. Thus far, the distinguished engineer and former Chairman of Roads and Transport committee in parliament , Owusu Aduomi is reported to have bring about numerous immediate interventions and human centered projects in his constituency. Talk of roads construction , provision of social amenities such as toilets, boreholes, systems for efficient healthcare delivery, teachers bungalows, markets to mention few.
“The Newsletter” through its resource team, would consider the Ejisu constituency and the ongoing projects being undertaken by the Member of Parliament for that area.  Below are but not limited to the projects being undertaking by the Member of Parliament for Ejisu for this 2018/2019 year
Ongoing 6 unit semi detatched Teachers Bungalow at  Asonomaso.
Ongoing 2 storey Children’s Ward at Ejisu hospital.
 Ongoing Market at Asotwe
Ongoing Mechanised Boreholes at some communities in Ejisu constituency
 On going 30 seater Warer Closet toilet facility at some communities in Ejisu constituency.

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